Discover the New Froggy Gourmet: Your Premier Gourmet Shop for Yacht Provisions in Downtown Antibes

Attention all yacht chefs, chief stewardesses, and discerning food enthusiasts! There's a new gourmet destination in downtown Antibes that is set to revolutionize the way you provision for your luxury yachts and villas. Welcome to the new Froggy Gourmet, your one-stop-shop for first-class products, expert meal planning, and all-around world-class yacht provisioning services.

A New Location, a Fresh Perspective

Recently acquired by a dynamic young couple, Froggy Gourmet has relocated to a spacious new warehouse in downtown Antibes. With a fresh perspective and a passion for culinary excellence, they are dedicated to providing an unparalleled shopping experience for yacht chefs, chief stewardesses, and food aficionados alike.

Your Warehouse for Yacht Provisions

Step into our newly renovated warehouse and discover a treasure trove of gourmet delights curated specifically for the needs of yacht chefs and chief stewardesses. From premium ingredients to specialty products sourced from around the globe, Froggy Gourmet offers a wide range of first-class provisions to elevate every meal on your yacht or villa.

Your Exclusive Partner for Yacht Provisioning

Shop for Yacht Provisions

With over 20 years of industry experience in yacht provisioning, Froggy Gourmet is your trusted partner for all your provisioning needs. Whether you're stocking up for a week-long charter or planning an extravagant dinner party onboard, our extensive catalogue of provisions and personalized service ensures that every detail is taken care of with the utmost care and attention.

Convenient Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service

Located in the heart of Antibes, Froggy Gourmet offers a convenient pick-up and drop-off service for yachts in Antibes and Golfe-Juan if you wish to shop in-store but have limited time to get there.

Orders made simple

Introducing a groundbreaking innovation in yacht provisioning: Froggy Gourmet is proud to unveil its revolutionary ordering app, designed specifically for yacht chefs and their crew. With this intuitive app, accessing Froggy's extensive catalogues, creating customized shopping lists, and submitting orders has never been easier. Seamlessly integrated with our new warehouse location in downtown Antibes, this app streamlines the provisioning process, allowing chefs to focus on what they do best: creating exceptional culinary experiences for guests onboard luxury yachts and villas. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and hello to convenience at your fingertips with Froggy Gourmet's cutting-edge ordering app.

Simply place your order online, by e-mail or over the phone, and our dedicated team will ensure that your provisions are delivered directly to your yacht or villa, ready to impress even the most discerning guests.

Discover the new Froggy Gourmet and experience the ultimate in yacht provisioning services. Whether you're a seasoned yacht chef, a chief stewardess overseeing a superyacht, or simply a food lover with a taste for the extraordinary, Froggy Gourmet is your premier destination for gourmet delights in downtown Antibes.

Froggy Gourmet's Exclusive Partnership with Maison Kaviari