Matcha is a Japanese green tea, powdered and used for the tea ceremony in Japan. Beaten with a whip and not brewed, it gives a fine and light mousse with great aromatic richness. Tonic and powerful ally to a healthy lifestyle, it will help you keep and boost your health.

Its subtle bitterness also makes it an ingredient of choice to incorporate, as a dye or natural flavour, to all your dishes such as cakes, mousses, chocolate, coffee, alcoholic and/or sweet drinks and ice cream.

Few Recipes Ideas:

Chia seeds - Coconut - Matcha - Granada Salad

Matcha Cha Soba noodle and Bouillon

Cake Matcha - Cherry Mousse

Matcha Latte Salted Caramel and Coconut Milk

White Chocolate Matcha - Raspberry - Coco