The Tartufissima is the first ever truffle pasta produced in the world. The “Tartufissima Pasta” began in 1990, thanks to Beppe’s experience and culinary imagination, as a chef and founder of Tartuflanghe.

This home-made pasta has an extraordinary texture given by the hand-made shape, a high percentage of truffle and a great quantity of eggs which enhances the truffle flavor.

Do not hesitate to try all the flavors:

Pasta Taglioni Tartufissima N°18 Truffle

Pasta Tagliatelle Tartufissima N°19 Truffle

Pasta Taglioni Tartufissima with Barbaresco Wine and Truffle

Pasta Tartufissima Porcini Mushrooms and Truffle

Pasta Tagliolini Tartufissima Saffron and Truffle