Matcha is a premium fine green tea powder, traditionally used for the tea ceremony.

Matcha tea is endowed with a particular nutritional quality by its richness in catechine, an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, prevents cancer and fight against cholesterol. By its antioxidant activity is also used for its action against the aging of the skin and in particular against the appearance of wrinkles. By its antioxidant activity, free radicals are eliminated: the cells are thus rid of what contributes the most to age and dysfunction.

Organic Superior Matcha Tea

Matcha is a green tea in fine powder, considered one of the healthiest foods because of its many health benefits.

Honey with Matcha Tea

Let yourself be guided to the land of the rising sun through this unique combination subtly combining the deep aroma of Matcha tea with the creaminess of a delicate honey selected with the greatest attention.

Chasoba Buckwheat Noodles with Matcha

The chasobas are buckwheat noodles (soba) with matcha.