The Granola as a new ingredient that will give crispy and flavors to simple dishes .. Find in the gourmet Froggy Gourmet all the flavors!

Granola with Orange and Apricot Organic

Even before trying this granola, we are seized by the delicious orange scent that is accompanied by crunchy oatmeal and the generous apricot.

Ideal on a simple creamy white cheese, and it will also bring an acid-free citrus note to a seasonal fruit salad.

Granola with Chocolate Organic

A gourmet granola. Roasted oatmeal in chocolate, a bit of salt and raw chocolate chips make it addictive!

Granola with Honey and Seeds Organic

This recipe is ideal for breakfast, for the adults and kids.

Very attentive to what the children eat, it was therefore essential that this Granola be low in sugar and fat. A recipe without added sugar.