Try our truffle products, and why not start to try them with a drink with friends?

Aperituber - Truffle Snack

The Aperituber is an exclusive truffle aperitif, ideal  to go with a glass of wine or a cold beer. This snack is made with wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil and truffle.

Truffle Potato Chips

Chips from black Spanish truffles, with strong truffle aroma and flavor. The ingredients used are very simple - just potatoes, truffles, sunflower oil, and salt.  No preservatives or artificial colorants, this is just a delicious potato chip perfectly crunchy.

Cashew with Black Truffle

Cashew nuts from Vietnam lightly salted and grilled in the oven, and truffle from Provence grated, it makes a powerful flavor and to eat without moderation!

Breadsticks with Truffle

Breadsticks with truffle, perfect for your appetizer.