The Bouttargue is composed of salted mullet eggs, dried, covered with waxes.

You can enjoy it sliced, accompanied by a good bread, blinis, crackers, or simply without anything!

The powerful taste, salty and iodized, perfect to be enjoyed with several alcohools but exclude any red wine!

Boutargue Trikalinos: Produced exclusively from high quality Lippu Mulet fish eggs, it has a balanced flavor and is without preservatives. Wrapped in a natural beeswax, it is delicate and sublime.

Boutargue Classique: The classic Boutargue with no additives or preservatives. Perfect for all your preparations!

Yellow Boutargue: Covered with pure beeswax, it acquires a pleasant honey flavor. It is the ideal complement for the aperitif!

Coeur of Boutargue: Already sliced and ready to enjoy, this presentation lets you see the beautifull color of the boutargue.