Recognizable by its black coat and its horizontal ears, Noir de Bigorre pork is a pure-bred that lives in freedom in its territory of origin, Bigorre, on the borders of the High Pyrenees, Gers and Haute Garonne.

It is at the foot of the mountains, in this gentle and peaceful landscape, that the Noir de Bigorre lives and moves in small herds to feed, taking advantage of a healthy diet based on the natural resources of its environment : grass, acorn, chestnut, and other resources. No GMOs.

A noble animal, it is the fruit of an ecosystem that links the natural environment, animals and humans.

1 - Fresh Pork Meat - On request

2 - Jambon Pétals - 80gr

3 - Saucisson of Noir de Bigorre +/- 230gr

4 - Trio of Verines - 3 x 90gr