White Rice - Prince of Bengal
This rice specialty is characterized by its excellent cooking properties and it's tiny graine size!
Loose, non-sticky grains after only 10 minutes of cooking time; sweet and buttery aroma; culinary scent of Basmati.
Prince of Bengal tastes great with green curry, vegetables or jackfruit meat. Thanks to the sweet aroma, the cooked grains are also ideal for desserts.

Smoked White Rice
This Basmati Rice smoked, combines the Persian art of smoking with light basmati rice from India, a refined delicacy, like from the fairy tales of a thousand and one nights.
This long-grained Indian organic basmati rice is smoked in an elaborate process, and is transformed into a spicy rice specialty.

The culinary experience begins as soon as the pack is opened, because the smell of the smoked rice already brings back memories of oriental traditions and ceremonies.
When cooking, the aroma of the smoked basmati gently unfolds in the environment and prepares the taste buds for a culinary delight.

Golden Rice - with Curcuma
The discoverer Marco Polo brought the knowledge about turmeric as an element of color and palate with him to Europe.
The rice of the discoverers consists of loose basmati rice, which is enriched with the finest turmeric shavings. These not only give it the bright yellow and the delicately tart note, but also make it particularly valuable as a food.
Particularly suitable for salads, with grilled dishes or as a pilaf.

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