Miel Martine, a committed and sustainable beekeeping,

To revive beekeeping, Miel Martine has chosen responsible, sustainable, artisanal production that respects the environment.

From the beehives around the honey house, on Domaine La Martinette or in other French regions, beekeepers control each stage of production to ensure quality and compliance with commitments.

For the first time, a honey brand is involved thanks to the certification of an independent body to certify and offer total transparency: when and how the honey was harvested, on which flowers, on which domain and when it took place potting to ensure optimal freshness.

A unique range of French honeys, with 100% natural aromas

With a varied range of honeys, Miel Martine offers the possibility of tasting the best French honeys: rosemary, all flowers, lavender, chestnut, oak, white heather ...

These honeys are precious nectars, where each harvest area gives a unique color and flavor.

Among the offer, you will find lavender honey from the Plateau de Valensole, which was also the winner of the 2019 Great Taste Awards.

In addition to this lavender honey, Miel Martine also offers all-flower honey, Ardèche fir and Provençal rosemary, with a soft and creamy texture that will delight the most demanding palates.

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