We work with the Qwehli company, which has been offering rigorously selected seafood products frozen to perfection for more than ten years.

Its roots are in the Indian Ocean, with its own Black Qwehli shrimp farm, which is based in Mozambique, and the Patagonian toothfish fishing campaigns off the Kerguelen Islands.

Beyond the quality of the breeding, from the total control of the entire life cycle of the shrimp until its shipment to Europe and Asia, the company's farm, Aquapesca, has always displayed its ambition to to be a 'best for the world' farm, not just the 'best in the world'. It collaborates with universities in Mozambique, finances an ambitious aquaculture training program, encourages the entrepreneurship of young Mozambicans through the "Mais Peixe" program and actively supports the promotion of women who occupy nearly 40% of management positions.

It remains the guarantor of the preservation of the environment, in particular of the mangrove forest which surrounds it.


A 100% natural product, without antibiotics, dyes and pesticides.


It is the richness of the Zambezi terroir that gives this shrimp its flavor signature.

Vast ponds dug on an exceptional site of 1200 ha north of the Zambezi River allow this species to grow at its own pace as in the open sea.


The innovative system, the Biofloc, minimizes the environmental impacts of aquaculture. This sustainable method has a double role of biological filter of water and food source which brings energy, nutrients and natural proteins to our shrimps.


The real taste of shrimp with 0 pesticides, 0 antibiotics, 0 coloring

Harvested manually, placed under ice until the freezing unit installed at the edge of the pools for incomparable freshness

A farm "best for the world" and not just "the best in the world"