Kom & Sal has forged strong link with the farmers of its territory, to create the agricultural sector they need to produce each of the products.

Cereals and legumes are produced in a reasoned, organic, and some even biodynamic way, in the SOUTH region, and this is an essential value of the company's approach.

They work with the rice of the Camargue, the chestnut from Collobrières or Ardèche, the chickpea in rotation on the soil and for this they have proposed to many farmers and wine growers to plant it: this legume rich in protein, allows to fix the nitrogen in the soil, and requires very little water ...

They also work with buckwheat, which takes place in the region's ecosystem.

Almond from the South region, olive oil as well, and organic apple from the Durance valley.

The ingredients that do not come from the region are subject to very precise "sourcing" work by the quality department, so that they fully comply with the commitment charter, thus chocolate, sugar and coconut oil are produced. Fair trade and quality chain.

Eggs… Are not voluntarily present in the list of ingredients, because they do not wish to work the egg per liter in the production laboratories and they will have difficulty in having the sufficient quantity of organic egg for very large quantities of production.

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