Inspired by the rich greenery of Snowdonia in North Wales, we only use fresh produce, with a deep taste and unmatched smoothness.

Our Selection:

Black Bomber® Cheddar

Creamy & smooth extra mature Cheddar loved for its depth of flavor.

This flagship cheese marries a delicious rich flavor with a smooth creaminess, lasting long on the palate but remaining demandingly moreish!

Beechwood™ Cheddar

A mature Cheddar with smokey mellow notes of Beechwood throughout.

With its gently nutty texture and subtle smokey hues, this naturally smoked Beechwood™ cheese really captivates, with mellow depth and warmth.

A Global Cheese Awards Gold medal winner.

Red Leicester with Habanero chilies and peppers.

Savoury Red Leicester warmed with fiery Habanero chillies, peppers and spices for an intense depth of flavour.

Bouncing Berry Mature Cheddar

Mature creamy Cheddar with delicious bursts of sweet cranberries throughout.

Extra Mature Cheddar with Black Summer Truffle - Truffle Trove

Extra mature Cheddar enriched with delicate Black Summer truffle.

Truffle Trove luxuriously combines Italian Black Summer truffles with extra mature Cheddar from North Wales, taste-tested and graded by the companies’ experts.

Encased in pure white wax, the cheese has a distinctive earthy aroma and a perfectly balanced flavor, with undertones of wild mushroom and hazelnut leading to notes of garlic.

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