Because Obsiblue is blue

With an iridescent deep blue tail, the Obsiblue is an extraordinary source of inspiration.

A rare species, the Obsiblue a naturally blue delicate crustacean.

Its color is a reflection of turquoise, pure and crystal water where it is farmed. It has very long antennae and it is a perfect food for all seafood lovers.

Considered as a luxury seafood, rare and precious, the Obsiblue is product of the sea which is easy and convenient to use.

With a special charm, it blends with rare products and amazing flavors.

The Obsiblue taste

Consequence of an unlikely encounter between a rare species and an exceptional environment, Obsiblue is a healthy food with an original taste.

Its incomparable taste, soft, slightly and sweet and its melting raw flesh, firm and juicy when cooked, make it a long tasting in the mouth, with a sweet and sour taste, particularly appreciated by chefs and connaisseurs alike.

The finess and softness of Obsiblue stand out when raw, as Carpaccio, tartar or marinade.