High quality raw materials that are selected to develop fruit oils!

Our Selections:

Virgin Roasted Peanut Oil

This full-flavored peanut oil goes well with salads, tomatoes, mashed potatoes, pan-fried foie gras and many cheese-based recipes.

Walnut Virgin Oil

Its full-bodied, country flavor goes perfectly with bitter raw vegetables like endives, dandelions and chicory;

As a seasoning on potatoes, dried beans, lentils and cheeses.

Virgin Hazelnut Oil

Powerful, with a delicious praline taste, it accompanies all salads, is used as butter in meat juice, on all starchy foods, vegetables, pasta, goat cheese and pastries.

Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil

Subtle vegetable taste, it is suitable for a thin slice of endives sprinkled with smoked salmon shavings, for a green bean salad or to finish with a natural cooked fish.

Also soup, pasta, potatoes and rice ...

Sweet Roasted Almond Oil

Sweet and fragrant, it is particularly used for marinades (raw salmon with dill, basil) or at the end of cooking on scallops, pasta, trout, chicken and lamb.

Pine Nut Virgin Oil

Its sweetness and fragrance of mushrooms enhance the taste of your soups, crustacean nages, minestrone and wine sauces.

Ideal with a Landes salad, it also goes well with pasta or steamed vegetables.

Pistachio Oil

Very marked in taste, accompanied by a raspberry or balsamic vinegar.

It is perfect with avocados, endives, shrimp cocktails, green beans and very good with potatoes, pasta, rice, red mullet and shellfish.

Sesame Toasted Oil

This smoked taste, appreciated by Asians, can be found in a multitude of preparations: salads, cooked or raw vegetables, mushrooms, rice, fish (tuna) and roast pork.

Grilled Virgin Rapeseed Oil

Traditional manufacture gives it a full-bodied taste of cabbage, wonderful for salads of potatoes, red beets, broccoli, leeks or to make a good brain of Canuts.