Milk Chocolate Bar 45% - Sierra Leone

Soft, subtle, slightly creamy with a touch of Vanilla and a subtle / creamy character. Cocoa beans of Nyawa origin.

Dark Chocolate Bar 69% - Sierra Leone

Sweet, cocoa & vanilla, with a creamy character, ideal for cooking recipes. Cocoa beans from Nyawa.

Dark Chocolate Bar 78% - Equador

Grand cru of Ecuador origin 78% infused with Brazilian Tonka beans is a sweet chocolate with spicy notes.

The tonka gives it woody and hilly notes as well as a good aftertaste.

Powerful & full-bodied, with a cocoa note and slightly tart character.

Dark Chocolate Bar 86% - Peru

Balanced, sweet at the start, stays long in the mouth, slightly oaky, dried fruit (hazelnuts). Cocoa beans of African origin.

Powerful taste, woody and tobacco notes, with a bitter character.

Dark Chocolate Bar 100% - Sierra Leone

Raw, full-bodied, balanced between bitterness and acidity, toasted aromas, it is ideal for reinforcing cocoa in a chocolate recipe. Sugar Free.