Some Peppers in our selection :

Black Tellicherry Pepper

Black Tellicherry pepper comes from India. After the initial scents of vegetable stock, discover this subtle yet intense and spicy pepper. Use generously on roast beef, sardines and braised salmon.

Its fresh aromas of lemon and grapefruit will zest up roasted pike perch, sweetbreads, farmhouse chicken and goat's cheese.

Spicy, supple and elegant, make it a MUST HAVE !

White Penja Pepper

Penja white pepper is less pungent, more subtle and sweeter than Penja black pepper.

Pungent and powerful without burning the palate, it has a woody, amber and musky nuances. It has a delicate scent, warm, round and long in the mouth.

Voatsiperifery Black Pepper

In the heart of the Malagasy forests, the Voastiperifery pepper lianas can reach 30m high!

Rare and addictive with notes wooded, flowered and a fresh citrus ... Put this pepper in your mill and energize your recipes.

Black Pepper from Madagascar

A spicy pepper with woody and fruity notes.

This black pepper from Madagascar will match with a white meat, a gratin or a simple tomato salad!

Sarawak White Pepper

The white pepper from Sarawak is harvested on the island of Borneo in Malaysia. It is harvested by hand, grain by grain and then dried in the sun. It has woody scents and notes of fresh fruit.

It blends perfectly with grilled meat, red fruit dessert or a pan-fried spring vegetable.

Long Pepper

Originally from Indonesia, the long pepper is oblong-shaped. It’s hot and spicy flavor contains delicious notes of cinnamon, licorice or anise.

Grate it or crush it on lamb, in a tomato sauce and on your desserts!

Timur Berrie

Timur Berrie has notes of grapefruit, and a lemon scent.

Crushed or infused in your dishes, it raises wonderfully crustaceans, fish and chocolate desserts.

Allspice Jamaican Pepper

Coming from Jamaica, this berry combines the flavors of pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove.

Use it in your bouillons, jams or mix it with your flour to make homemade cakes and breads.

Red Kampot Pepper

This red pepper from Kampot with fruity and flowery notes reminds the nose a fruit compote.

Flavors of vanilla and citrus fruits. The ally of your fish, crustaceans and white meats.

Black Belem Pepper

This black pepper comes from Brazil. Its notes of aniseed are woody, supple and pungent and will spice up your marinated meat dishes.

Pepper cultivation was first introduced to Brazil in the 17th century in the Bahia region. From the 1930's onwards, pepper was grown more intensely and exported to Europe and North America. Nowadays the three principal states where it is harvested are Para, Bahia and Espirito Santo. It is harvested from July until October.

This Belem pepper with woody aniseed flavours, will enhance all your red meat dishes. Its supple notes of camphor will enchant your pan-fried vegetables.

Best ground with a pestle and mortar and sprinkled over your dishes just before serving.