A controlled diet, consisting exclusively of grass, followed by a hundred-day diet based on carefully selected cereals, gives this meat an extraordinary taste.

The grains are all from the United States, allowing a short supply cycle for optimum quality.

The beef is certified 100% American Black Angus. The Black Angus breed was born in the Aberdeen region of Scotland.

The first import into the United States began in the 19th century and this country has since made it one of its major gastronomic assets.

In addition to the initial selection, which retains only the best strains of the breed, it takes place after slaughter, a meat quality control in 3 steps, to always offer you the best:

1 - Checking the color of the fat | 2 - Control of the color of the meat | 3 - Control of marbling (or marbling)

In addition to its remarkable taste and texture, this meat contributes effectively to the constitution of a balanced diet.

Composed of many essential daily nutrients, such as iron, protein, vitamin B and zinc, Black Angus gives your body what your taste buds are feeling - Real happiness.

The characteristics of this beef are manifold and meet international criteria.

A classification is established according to different quality criteria: taste, tenderness and degree of marbling. This marbling, also called marbling, will give the meat its full flavor.

Black Angus is also certified, since 1999, not treated with hormones, according to the quality standard NHTC to be able to be imported into the European Union.

The cut of the Tomahawk has been imagined to protect the meat from any attack during cooking, because it is manipulated thanks to the handle.

The beef tomahawk comes from the same piece as the prime rib.

Grilled on the barbecue, that's how the beef Tomahawk will release its best aromas!