The treasures of Kaviari to prepare your brunch.

Dill Marinated Salmon :

The dill marinated salmon enjoys an exceptional standard with a taste of the sea and the freshness of the dill.

Irish Organic Smoked Salmon:

Faroe Islands salmon has a very soft flesh similar to the sashimi texture. Its light smoking with sea salt gives it a delicate flavor that enhances the taste of fresh salmon.

Center-Cut Smoked Salmon Filet:

A piece of the fleshiest part of the smoked salmon, the center-cut has a creamy and melting flesh.

Wild Salmon Eggs:

Find yourself enchanted by the iodine flavor of these melting eggs, a true pleasure of the palate. From the Pacific salmon, these eggs are large, firm and creamy.

Mini Blinis

Specialty of Russian origin, these blinis are made from the best flour and are ideal served with caviar, smoked salmon and other Seafood specialties.