Honey Martine is an authentic and timeless product that reveals the perfect balance between the know-how of bees and that of men. Its production, between craftsmanship and technicality, is part of a responsible and sustainable approach that preserves bees, involves many local actors and enhances a region and its resources.

To make Martine Honey, our beekeepers take the bees from Château la Martinette to travel throughout France and to the north of Italy. This is called transhumance. At the rhythm of the seasons and the blooms, the beehives are moved from region to region to allow the foragers to seek out the best nectars.

Our selection:

Rosemary Honey

Martine Rosemary Honey is a true delight on toast and as a sugar substitute in herbal tea.

This spring honey is harvested in Provence between the month between April and May depending on the weather conditions.

This honey is sweet and very appreciated by children. In Antiquity, he was considered the best in the world for his virtues.

Recommended against stress and fatigue, this variety of honey stimulates the liver and acts positively on the stomach.

Lavender Honey

Dip your spoon straight into this jar of Martine Lavender Honey or enjoy it on toast.

This emblematic honey of our region is generally harvested in July when the fields are covered with a purple color which makes the landscapes sublime.

Martine Lavender Honey has a sweet taste with a powerful and aromatic flavor and has many virtues.

Antispasmodic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, this variety of honey also calms coughs and is recommended in cases of bronchitis, flu or angina.

All Flowers Honey

Discover the subtle taste of wild flowers while savoring Martine All flowers Honey on your toast.

This honey is a real cocktail of flowers harvested in July in Isère.

Very rich in pollen this variety has many benefits and in particular allows to strengthen the immune defenses. It is particularly effective for sore throats and for sleep disorders.


White Heather Honey

White Bruyère honey harvested near Saint-Paul-En-Forêt (Var) in France by beekeepers.

It is as delicious in your pastries as it is with meats and cheeses.

Castle Lavender Honey

Lavender honey “Grand Cru” harvested at Domaine La Martinette, in Provence, in a preserved environment combining refinement and delicacy.

The design of the box was produced by French illustrator Jenne Pinneau.

The set consists of a jar of Lavender honey 250gr harvested at the estate as well as a honey spoon with golden effect.

A limited edition of 500 copies!

2019 vintage