Small Sardines 2018 with Olive Oil

Ready to eat, arranged in rows, they will liven up your appetizers or salads.

A touch of extra virgin olive oil (20%) delicately elevates the seasoning while preserving the authenticity of the small sardine.

Small Spicy Sardines

Spicy because the olive oil is infused with guindilla (red pepper) reinforcing the final spicy taste of these sardines.

Small NPS Sardines with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In the family of very small sardines, and in the purest respect of the goldsmith work of the house Lago Paganini, the NPS - Nec Plus Sardine - will surprise you with its subtlety.

Headed, hulled, these small sardines delicately arranged by hand in their case will shine a thousand lights at the opening of the box before delighting your palate.