The Peppers

Whole Dried Habanero Pepper & Puree:

Habanero pepper is grown throughout Central America and the Caribbean, and is characterized by its extreme spiciness. It must be used in very little quantity to raise a dish. Always use gloves when handling. In addition to its strength habanero pepper has a lemony taste that will raise your dishes and bring them fabulous aromas. To have a little less strength you just need to remove the seeds of the pepper.

Whole Dried Scorpion Pepper:

The Trinidad Scorpion is an extreme pepper, it is used rehydrated (count 30 min in warm water) to perfume and raise our dishes. We advise you to start by adding a very small quantity and to taste your dish before adding more !!

Dried Whole Morita Chipotle Pepper & Powder:

Chipotle morita is a jalapeno pepper that has been dried and smoked. As a result, it is characterized by a strong smoky aroma. It is preferred for the preparation of homemade barbecue sauces, but also to bring a touch of smoke to bolognese, soups, broths and preparations of all kinds.

Jalapeno Pepper Puree:

This Jalapeno puree is all French made, it allows you to discover the taste of Jalapeno in small format! It contains only natural ingredients to preserve the best taste of the fruit.

Medium hot sauce.

Cayenne Pepper Puree:

The yellow puree of cayenne pepper is a homemade production. To use Cayenne pepper with tomato, bell peppers or zucchini. It is also used to add a few drops in our homemade salsas. This small format allows you to discover this chilli.