Germon Tuna Ortiz

The White Tuna Germon Ortiz is preserved in olive oil, therefore the taste is naturally highlighted, revealing its very fine flavor.

Germon Tuna Ortiz in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ortiz tuna with extra-virgin olive oil caught with line, in the coast of the southern Basque Country (Spanish side). It has a soft and melting flesh.

Germon Tuna Ortiz in Water

This is the best choice if you want to keep enjoying the flavour of our White tuna with no added salt.

Ventreche of Tuna Ortiz

Ventreche of Tuna Bonito del Norte in olive oil. The ventreche is the belly of tuna, the ventral part of the fish also known as the fatest part of the tuna.

Stuffed Pimientos Del Piquillo

Le beaux poivrons charnus farcis d'un thon germon très savoureux et accompagnés d'une sauce délicieuse aux tomates et poivrons.