Delicious, colourful, fresh and tasty decorating sauces made with premium high fruit.

Garnishing sauces are guaranteed not to split on the plate.

With stunning shine and great consistency they are packaged in a ready to use convenient plastic squeeze bottle with a unique dispensing system for easy controlled application.

Garnishing Sauce Dark Chocolate Flavour

Drizzle over fresh profiteroles with cream, ice cream, waffles or crepes. Use as a decorative plate garnish.

Garnishing Sauce Sweet Beetroot Flavour

This glaze works exceptionally well with goats cheese or baked brie. Use as a decorative drizzle over ice cream or chocolate deserts.

Garnishing Sauce Raspberry Flavour

Drizzle over pavlova, ice cream, chocolate desserts, summer puddings and use as a decorative plate garnish.

Garnishing Sauce Mango Flavour

Drizzle over ice cream, wild peaches and bananas or chocolate desserts. Use as a decorative plate garnish.