Flavours: Black Truffle | Mango & Passion Fruit | Raspberry | Strawberry | Vanilla

A new light airy sauce that enhances taste and presentation at a press of a button.

No preparation, combined with easy dispensing make these delicious sweet & savoury sauces a kitchen essential for any menu.

Black Truffle Flavour

Black Truffle is fantastic with risotto, scrambled egg, foie gras, soup, lobster, pomme puree, haricot vert with pancetta, beef steak and chicken liver parfait.

Mango/Passion Fruit Flavour

Divine with Pannacotta, roulades, Gelato, fruit salad, yoghurt, creme caramel, bananas, sweet parfait, avocado and cocktails.

Raspberry Flavor

Raspberry is wonderful with Chocolate parfait, pavlova, lemon tart, summer pudding, Syllabub, Ice cream, sorbet, cheese cake, trifle and Cocktails.

Strawberry Flavour

Strawberry is great in Cocktails, bavarois, mousselines, milkshakes, fresh fruit toppings and afternoon teas.

Vanilla Flavour

Vanilla is perfect with Ice cream, cheese cake, tiramisu, creme brulee, poached pears, latte frappe, Mojito, and strawberries.