Crystals of Soy & Crystals from Umeboshi to sublimate your preparations,

Iyophlized Soy Sauce Crystals

Obtained by lyophilization of 10-year-old soy sauce, these natural soy salt crystals concentrate all the intensity and richness of Kamebishi's taste. Precious allies of your sweet and savory culinary initiatives, they will bring crunch and pleasure to your plates.

Crystals from Umeboshi to Shiso

These crystals of umeboshi with shiso, are obtained by an artisanal process. The white plums, "Nankô ume", are macerated in shiso vinegar (Japanese basil), they are then pulped and dried. It's tart and salty.

Try with a good Carpaccio!

Sliced ​​Octopus Carpaccio

The Octopus Carpaccio is ideal for anyone looking for a light dish without giving up taste. It can be served as an appetizer or as a main course. With a delicate flavor, it is presented in an original, natural way.