Angus beef in the spotlight;

Saucisson of Angus Beef - Nature

Powerful taste of Angus meat! Protein-rich beef saucisson, low in fat: here's another way to enjoy beef at any time! This saucisson made exclusively with Angus beef can enhance all your appetizers by surprising you with its flavor and the tenderness of its meat.

Saucisson of Angus Beef - Chorizo Spices

Flavors of the South and the sun, the paprika raises the taste of this saucisson 100% Beef, without being too spicy. It will suit everyone and will surprise you with its original and inimitable flavor.

A daring bet: Angus beef with the traditional recipe of Spanish chorizo, giving us a saucisson of beef slightly spicy and deeply delicious!

Saucisson of Angus Beef with Walnuts

The Angus Beef Saucisson with walnuts from Périgord will convince all epicureans looking for a good balance of flavors. The tenderness of the meat and the crunchy nuts will surprise you in this saucisson 100% Beef!

Rich in omega 3, the nut provides more nutrients of beef, full of vitamins E, and minerals. This beef saucisson promises you flavor and health!

Small Dry Beef Saucisses

Small dry angus beef saucisses, natural recipe: full of protein guaranteed in this extra small sausage!

Angus Beef Rillettes with Green Olives and Garlic / with Dried Tomatoes and Herbs of Provence / Organic Rillettes of Angus Beef

Delicious beef rillettes, full of taste and flavor! With Angus meat, a little goose fat for a juicier rendering, done with a simple and traditional recipie. We thus find all the fiber of the meat and all the taste of beef!