Dried Porcini

The dried porcini, from the Latin name Boletus Edulis, is carefully sorted by hand and is the subject of a rigorous selection. It is an excellent mushroom with a sweet nutty flavor.

Dry Mixed Forest Mushrooms

Picked and sorted by hand, these wild mushrooms have been the subject of a rigorous selection. To give your dishes the unique perfume of the forest, use dried wild mushrooms. Indeed, they have a taste and a very rich aroma. They provide an odor and an incomparable flavor to any type of dishes.

Dried Black Trumpet

The black trumpet, Craterellus cornucopioides, grows in European hardwood forests.

Dried Chanterelles

The chanterelle mushroom, also called chanterelle ciboire (cantharellus cibarius), grows at the end of May in the clear oak forests of temperate countries. The cantharellus cibarius is often found in mosses. Measuring between 5 and 10 cm, it is distinguished from the chanterelle with its yellowish hat in the form of a funnel of 2 to 8 cm of width, and with deep wrinkles beneath it. Its flesh is creamy white or light yellow. Slightly soft, it has a deliciously fruity flavor and smell.

Dried Shiitakes

The Shiitake mushroom, Tricholomopsis Edades, has a special place in Japanese cuisine. These mushrooms are perfect to give a touch of exoticism to your dishes. The possibilities are multiple to fully enjoy its taste.

Dry Oyster Mushroom

The Oyster mushrooms, Pleurotus Ostreatus, are selected with the greatest care and will bring to your dishes of meat, poultry or vegetables an authentic and original flavor. Very appreciated for its slightly sweet taste.

Dried Morels

The morel mushroom has a hazelnut flavor with rich woody aromas. Its bouquet and rarity make it one of the most sought after mushrooms of gastronomes. There are several varieties of morels, but the Morchella Conica is the most sought after, for its excellent perfume.